My Daily creativity challenge

One of the many amazing things about working at Buffer is the fact that I can work from the place that makes me happiest in the world. As my first ‘Bufferversary’ approaches I am reflecting on the amazing things that have happened this year and am so grateful to have done and seen the following things in 2015:

  • I got engaged to my amazing girlfriend and we got our first flat together 🙂
  • I graduated from university
  • I have explored and worked from Australia, Japan, France, Denmark, Lithuania, Iceland and Greece
  • I started playing rugby again
  • My Dale Carnegie experiments blog post got published by the Chicago Tribune
  • I have dedicated more time to writing music + so much more!

Sometimes I have to pinch myself as I realise that I am incredibly incredibly lucky. I do feel that I could do a lot more and as part of Buffer’s focus on self improvement, I am excited to kick off a new challenge for the coming months.

The daily creativity challenge: 

I feel like the creative muscle in my brain (I failed Biology at school) atrophies when I don’t make things and I have seen quite a sporadic fluctuation which doesn’t feel ideal.

I’m excited to start pushing myself to use my creativity muscle more (it’s a thing now) and as part of this I will start writing on here with my daily creative achievements. It could be anything from a design iteration on a side project or a classical composition but whatever it is, I’m keen to keep the momentum going and stay creative 🙂

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I will be updating this blog with my ramblings and am so grateful to everyone that has subscribed and left me kind words on Twitter 🙂

Cheers for reading!


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